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The video game Yo City is based on a reality of the world we live in today. The game is for game players to be more interactive with the game in a different perspective. The game will bring action & adventure, and first-person shooter and story modes to a new level.  The game Yo City is a game about having the game players chooses their own dynasty and goals. Players will be able to create story modes, characters, landscapes, buildings houses and towns and cities and any type of vehicles in the game.



The game Yo City will have its own city which will be Yo City. The city will be added to the game at will, where game players can play in the city, Yo City. This game is for gamers to be more interactive with games like never before. The players can also choose from different characters, towns, cities, states that will already be on the game.  The players can play at any time during the game, and players will be able to choose every outcome of their characters choosing.




They can be a business person to a hit man assassin, whatever the gamer want his/her characters to be in the game Yo City. This game is all about having multiple characters within story modes and cities, town, states so the gamers can do their own choosing and dynasties the way they want it to be for their self.   The game, your street, your hood, your town, your city, the video game Yo City.

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