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We are going to change the way you as the player react on playing games, take

 gamers to a new perspective of interactive gaming experience. No more will players have to wait on something in the levels that they can control in the game. No more will a player have to accept a choice that has already been made for them.  STOP TAKE THE CHAINS OFF THAT LIMIT A PLAYERS FREEDOM!!



 Thats why we, at Terrible T, will get rid of the junk that they call good  gaming; that leaves a player with a migraine when  finished with the lock down game that they played... NO FREEDOM,  NO CHOICE....! We want the  player to choose their own  dynasty, and, the choice in the making of the game.



 Where the characters are more than avatars.  Where the scenery and background are more than features that are added  to lock the gamer in to a fixed world and environment  Where levels are  designed to allow a player to choose and grow with each playing experience  Here in the  unlimited navigation world of Terrible ..............YOU THE  PLAYER (GAMER) ARE THE MASTER OF YOUR OWN DESTINY!!!!!! (Read More) characters and avatars, gear/cars/housing and weapons and setup missions and story modes creations.


Navigation gaming is coming to the industry. Navigation gaming is a new way of playing games of all kinds. The GPS navigation system is built into the games as well into console devices. That the game that game players are playing that will be allow to navigate to location around the world to a small town you live in to a big city you live in to a country.



 The players can build there self a real life dynasty in the system that they will be in straight control of what they want to play at or complete at. The system will allow the players to create there own personality to their characters as well build new concepts to the game they are playing.(Read More)



Welcome to the game called Yo City, a game which is personalize and customization game that you the gamer is in complete controlled. The gamer have controlled over their own dynasty, players can put their ideas and dreams in the game like never before.


  Yo City is a game that is a personal user game; players can do anything far as designing their own characters. (Read More)


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