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 Terrible T is a Gaming Software Company that specializes in video/ PC/ Apps based games.  Terrible T is founded by Marshall Fletcher President & CEO, whose sole mission is to bring a new, exciting gaming experience for those who truly love gaming. We are a start-up company that has studied the market, played, developed and spoke to gamers where we know through the heart of this company,  what the true player wants in a game.



 The purpose of this company is to provide a new experience that the gaming industry is evolving into. As with the advent of virtual reality, the 3-D craze; the product that I am offering will provide an experience that will change the way(s) that games are played. The gamer and the industry will be able to bring the gaming experience to a personal level with the interaction that each gamer can have a new game each time it is experienced. This product will make a gamer run to the local video store and demand this game. That will take them to a level of interactivity that they have never experienced before. This will bring a gamer back into the video game world because the experience will always change with the game users desire and control.



 Personal user of gaming & software is a personalized user friendly and interactive games that allows the user to be more in control of the world of gaming in software. The personal user is based on a security that is set up for the user to be in straight control of the way they are using the software and games. A user can put their information in the game when they are creating stories/characters and avatars within the games they are playing. For example as the gamer is creating their characters, they will be allowed to place their personal information in the characters they are creating in the game.  If the gamer wants to put a more realists context to the game then cloning would be the answer or another way to play.  With the security of personal user they would have no worries about someone stealing their identity, character or, any other information the player decides in the battlefield and destiny that is scripted by each player.  Each player will create their own unique pin and password that will enable all security functions within the game through their own special private user account.



 The sole purpose of this company is to provide each player with a unique experience that is not found in any other game played thus far.  We at Terrible T, LLC have labored many years and hours playing, wishing and finally deciding on a product that we truly believe will revolutionize the gaming industry.  We offer a product that literally places the player in control.  We offer a format where the player determines where, how, and who will be included within the game, coupled with the level and degree in which each game will be played.


Who we are

We are a Game Software Company that develops games and software systems and platforms.

 We are changing the way of gaming in development and playing.

 We are bringing game developers and game players to a new innovation technology & gaming.


What we do

What we do is simple we design and develop and publish games and software and on platforms.

 Game developers can design and develop their games with us though are systems and software

 by joining with are development team. We help game developers create games with are technology system & platforms.


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